KeaBabies Revive 3 in 1 Postpartum Belt

$31.99 $39.99

Color: Classic Ivory
YOUR TRUSTED POSTPARTUM CARE BECAUSE YOU DESERVE ONLY THE BEST. We are amazed by how our bodies actually carried a miracle for 9 months, enduring all the massive changes internally, physically and emotionally. We have grown from a fine young woman to become a great person capable of the giving the greatest love in the world. Our love is forever and unconditional for this little one. KeaBabies is proud of you, for all the challenges that you have endured throughout pregnancy. Your body has stretched out and strained, it's time to pamper it! Soft & Breathable Material: Suitable for use day and night. Adjustable Elastic Belt: Easy to put on and readjust for comfort. Firm & Stretchable: Provide the optimum support to realign your body. 3 Sizes: Refer to size chart below for proper fit.