Hello, I'm Kaylee, and together with my husband Ryan and our two charming daughters, Randi and Nellie, we proudly steer the course of the new Bumbleboo. Having flourished in this vibrant city for an incredible four years, we're now set to embark on this exhilarating venture.

Throughout my diverse entrepreneurial pursuits, my heart has always gravitated towards two realms: childcare and interior design. These passions have been the driving force behind my journey, and I'm eager to infuse them into the very essence of Bumbleboo. On the flip side, Ryan, armed with his numerical acumen and accounting background, assumes the role of the "numbers guy" behind the scenes, diligently contributing from his post at EBT CPA in Medicine Hat.

But our mission goes beyond merely running a business; we're here to cultivate a community.

Stay tuned for the enchantment we're brewing, as we weave our passions into the fabric of the new Bumbleboo experience.

Thank you for extending a warm welcome—we're excited to embark on this journey together.